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Discover the Magic
of Little Canada

Everyone should travel through Canada at least once in their lifetime. From captivating vistas to famous landmarks, iconic cityscapes and little stories, you can visit this vast miniature Canada in just a few short hours. A place for residents and visitors alike to experience and connect to Canada under one roof.

Did you Know?


  • As you walk through customs, you’ll enter Little Niagara and hear the majestic roar of Horseshoe Falls. From the thrill of Clifton Hill to the quintessential town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, there are many little stories to explore as you start your journey in Little Canada.

  • Upon entry into Little Toronto, you'll be struck with its impressive skyline lit with 30,000 twinkling LED lights as you experience the many famous landmarks of Canada’s most populous city.

  • Following along the bustling 401 highway, you will cut through the familiar regions and landmarks of Southwestern Ontario set behind a beautiful display of autumn colours.

  • The true north capital welcomes you to Little Ottawa. Witness the breathtaking view of our Parliament buildings accompanied by the celebration of cultures that this city so proudly represents.

  • Parlez-vous français? Experience the magic of la belle province with its cobblestone streets and European influenced architecture set in a winter wonderland. This destination is sure to capture your heart.

Future Destinations

  • Very fun! Look forward to going again when more areas have opened!

    Rosemary Nestor Avatar
    Rosemary Nestor

    Really cool and so much detail. Definitely worth checking out!

    Viss Peter (Viss Plays Stuff!) Avatar
    Viss Peter (Viss Plays Stuff!)


    Amy H Avatar
    Amy H
  • It was amazing! The staff were so enthusiastic! Pictures and videos don't do just to the attention to detail that went into making this. You need to see it for yourself.

    Liam Musgrave Avatar
    Liam Musgrave

    Fantastic display, the staff were excellent. Will visit again.

    The Bickley Central Avatar
    The Bickley Central

    Very cool place! Extreme attention to detail, and a ton of really fun Easter eggs! The staff was super friendly and very helpful. Really fun place to visit with the kids. Make sure you wait for sundown at parliament hill to see the fireworks show!

    Herbert Graf Avatar
    Herbert Graf
  • What is this? A Canada for ANTS??!

    Mark Oates Avatar
    Mark Oates

    THIS PLACE IS AMAZING DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!!! .The best part I love was Little Niagara , Little Toronto , Little Ottawa ,and Little Quebec let's not forget I encounter funny accident on the Little Gold HorseShoe on the highway ahahaha LoL 😂 .I would request PLEASE DO LITTLE VAUGHAN I THINK 🇨🇦🎢CANADA'S WONDERLAND WILL BE GREAT IDEA I WOULD LOVE SEE LEVIATHAN OR YUKON STRIKER,OR EVEN BEHEMOTH GET STUCK ON THE LIFTHILL HAHAHAHAHA ,And also do 🛫✈️Lester B Person International Airport it would fit very well and BY Then I HOPE EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE WHEN I COME BACK I'M EXCITED !!! 🙂

    Justin Lam Avatar
    Justin Lam

    My family really enjoyed visiting Little Canada. This is one of the place where people from all the age groups will have good time. The minute level detailing on every city is simply amazing. Staff is friendly and take a pride in showing you some great stuff which you might miss. Definitely will visit again when they add more cities.Make sure you don’t miss the Canada Day celebration on the parliament hill. This will blow your mind.

    gurpreet sahani Avatar
    gurpreet sahani
  • Vieux modéliste et grand amoureux des petits et des grands trains et surtout de leur histoire (l'histoire du Canada a été faite avec celle du chemin de fer), j'ai été très impressionné par vos présentations: leurs cadres, la qualité de réalisation, la mise en scène, la courtoisie du personnel... J'ai visité beaucoup d'autres évocations en modèles réduits: Hambourg, Lyon, entre autres et y ai parfois participé. Je travaille toujours dans le domaine mais sur des projets plus modestes... Je regrette surtout qu'étant donné la qualité et l'ambition formidable de votre projet, vous n'ayez pas intégré un côté plus international en ayant au moins du français dans les légendes et le personnel qui faisait cependant bien son possible. J'aimerai pouvoir y retourner bientôt et y faire un tour avec un aspect plus technique, comme le propose Hambourg du reste (VIP)... en français...

    Jean-Maurice Boissard Avatar
    Jean-Maurice Boissard

    What a great experience. The staff are obviously extremely well trained, super friendly, very helpful staff. They also seem to be enjoying their roles! The wonderful miniaturizations and displays are works class. A great way to spend a couple of hours downtown Toronto, even if you're not tourist! Little Canada is a must see attraction!!!

    M. E. Avatar
    M. E.

    Amazing attention to detail in the miniature reproductions in the different parts of Canada. It will be interesting to see how it looks as additional areas are added.

    Murray & Sandra Coulter Avatar
    Murray & Sandra Coulter
  • It was a very cool experience. Very unique. The staff was plentiful, polite and courteous. A touch on the expensive side as a sweeter price would of been $20 per adult but still really nice. Definitely recommend it !

    Nick W Avatar
    Nick W

    Let me start by saying that the staff there were amazing! We feel very welcomed, and they were always around and available to answer any questions. We visited all 5 little destinations, as well as the Littlization Station where you get your 360° photo taken, and later on you have an option to purchase your mini figurine; and the Miniature Makers Studio, which was most impressive - the amount of work the employees put in to just a small tree was AMAZING! Highly recommended!

    Lucy Guo Avatar
    Lucy Guo

    5 star ratingLots of wonderful things to discover! Fascinating all the detail put into the exhibits. The lights and sound effects really brought to life the exhibits. Staff were so friendly and happy to answer all of our questions.

    kaP8340UM Avatar
  • 5 star ratingWonderful! Intricate, whimsical, fabulous! I went for an hour, spent three, and still couldn't take in the half of it. And this is just the beginning. As time goes by segments representing the East Coast, Prairies, Mountains, and the Left Coast will all be added. They are already working on The North!

    richardsR6989YD Avatar

    This place is seriously incredible!

    Carolyn Flanagan Avatar
    Carolyn Flanagan

    I've always been a huge fan of these kinds of things, and this one was spectacular. Extremely detailed, accurate representations of city life. Niagara Falls was the best, with Toronto maybe the most underwhelming due to the inclusion of only select areas of downtown. Nevertheless, when the future areas are built, I will return with pleasure. Worthwhile for all ages, however shorter people may be at somewhat of a disadvantage since there are some details that benefit a higher point of view. Very excited for Little North and of course, the mountains of BC!

    vision Avatar
  • Incredible! Searching for the red moose was a nice touch. My son and I were blown away by the whole exhibit. Can’t wait to see the east coast in a couple years!

    Lindsey Avery Avatar
    Lindsey Avery

    Simply amazing. A must see. Very friendly and helpful staff. When they complete some of the other areas of Canada + expansions to existing, it will be stunning.Some liberties are taken, don't expect exact replicas. Toronto was the first thing they built and it's a bit obvious. It's still fantastic!Just take in the splendor of it all and appreciate the amazing effort and perseverance placed in its creation.

    Darren Smith Avatar
    Darren Smith

    Amazing detail. Looking forward to visiting east coast and prairies.

    Neil M Avatar
    Neil M
  • It’s Amazing 😻 you can find practical combination of art , engineering and intelligence. In 2 hour tour you have real experience to visit Niagara, GTA , Ottawa and Quebec.

    Mehrzad Namdari Avatar
    Mehrzad Namdari

    Wonderful exhibits! They are still completing a few areas like the East Coast, Prarie, Rockies, West Coast and Northern Territories - but what they have so far is incredible and takes a good hour to go through! Niagara Falls is so impressive with its animated falls, it filled the whole room. The scale of everything is insane it has to be seen in person - can't wait for them to complete more areas! I also loved the inclusion of places not normally seen like Hamilton and Waterlooo/Kitchener - even Stratford makes it on here! I was nice to see and you can tell a lot of thought and effort and research went into this.

    Elaina Avatar

    It is amazing. Perfect for kids and the child within you. Everything is made an amazing level of detail. The stuff are extremely friendly and helpful, everyone seem to genuinely love what they are do there which is very rare these days.They do an excellent job with social distancing and vaccine passport enforcement, we felt very safe there. Can't wait for the new additions such as little north and east coasts.

    George Jia Avatar
    George Jia
  • What a magical place!! We really enjoyed all the displays. They are incredibly intricate and fun to look at. The staff and artists are happy to answer questions and share interesting tidbits about Little Canada. There is so much to see - we definitely will be back!

    llam Avatar

    The amount of detail was spectacular, also staff where always available for questions and to point out interesting things in the exhibit. Best exhibit I’ve ever be in Canada!

    Isabel Ovalle Avatar
    Isabel Ovalle

    Amazing work, very educational for my kids

    Calvin Chen Avatar
    Calvin Chen
  • Very well done!! Amazingly beautiful, highly recommended!

    Mariella Vargas Avatar
    Mariella Vargas

    Wow, totally exceeded expectations. We had a blast, every scene is so incredibly detailed. You could spend hours looking for all the little easter eggs and hidden gags. Apparently it is only half done, there are another 7 or so scenes coming. We can't wait to go back in a few years when all of that is complete. And the miniaturization was very cool, if expensive. Our boys are now in Niagara Falls being terrified of the giants that stare at them 😉

    Laurin Jeffrey Avatar
    Laurin Jeffrey

    It you wanna experience miniature version of Canada .. This is place for you ..The minute detailing of everything they display is beyond words . pictures don’t do justice to explain that .My 7 year old had amazing time .Highly recommended for all age groups

    Parul Bhatnagar Avatar
    Parul Bhatnagar

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How to Get Here

How to Get Here

Little Canada is located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 10 Dundas East - across the street from Yonge-Dundas Square and The Eaton Centre.