New to Canada Program

As a new Canadian, Jean-Louis was inspired to learn all about his new home.


This land and its peoples have diverse and rich stories that need to be shared, to better understand and appreciate the Canada of today. Jean-Louis felt strongly that those stories needed to be brought to life in a magical way – through the art of miniature. By creating Little Canada, he’s given Canadians, and our global neighbours, the opportunity to experience a true Canadian storytelling treasure.


Having lived in Canada for 25 years, Jean-Louis’ perspective is one of constant discovery and curiosity allowing us to bring to life unique stories. As a new immigrant, we want you to feel welcome and discover your new home – what better way than to take a few hours to explore.

Welcome to Canada!

We believe Little Canada is the best place to learn what makes Canada, Canada.

Our New to Canada Program allows you and 4 of your family members to experience Little Canada at a discount of 50%. To take advantage of your discount, you will need to show your valid Permanent Resident Card along with your ticket before entering the exhibit. If you do not present your Permanent Resident Card, our team will be unable to grant you access into Little Canada.