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The Board of Directors has adopted the following guidelines to promote the effective governance of the Company. The Board will also review and amend these guidelines as it deems necessary or appropriate. On behalf of the Company’s shareholders, the Board is responsible for overseeing the management of the business and affairs of the Company. The Board acts as the ultimate decision-making body of the Company.

1. Director Qualifications

In choosing directors, the Company seeks individuals who have high integrity, business acumen, shareholder orientation, and a genuine interest in the Company. The Company encourages that many of its directors be independent. The Board does not have limits on the number of terms a director may serve nor does it have any retirement or tenure policies that would limit the ability of a director to be nominated for re-election.

2. Board Size and Committees

The Board presently has 7 members (two management directors, two non-management but not independent directors and three independent directors). The Board will periodically review its size as warranted. The Board has three existing committees:

  1. Financial, Audit and Risk
  2. People, Culture & Wellness
  3. Creation Care

3. Director Responsibilities

The basic responsibility of the directors is to exercise their business judgment to act in what they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders, and to conduct themselves in accordance with their duties of care and loyalty. Directors are expected to attend Board meetings and meetings of the committees on which they serve, and to spend the time needed to carry out their responsibilities as directors, including meeting as frequently as necessary to properly discharge those responsibilities. Directors are also expected to review, in advance, all materials for the meetings of the Board and the Committee(s) on which they serve.

4. Director Access to Management and Advisors

Each director has full and free access to the officers and employees of the Company. The Board has the authority to hire independent legal, financial, or other advisors as it may deem to be necessary.

5. Board Meetings

The Independent Chairman and the President are responsible for establishing the agenda for each Board meeting. Each director is free to propose items for inclusion on the agenda and to raise at any Board meeting subjects that are not on the agenda for that meeting. At least once a year, the Board reviews the Company’s long-term plans and the principal issues that the Company will face in the future.

6. Director Compensation

Only independent directors, who are neither an employee of the Company nor related as a major shareholder, receive compensation for serving on the Board. Director fees are nominal and are limited to meeting attendance. The company purchase directors and officer’s liability insurance for its directors and officers.

7. Orientation and Continuing Education

All new directors receive an orientation from the Independent Chairman and the CEO and are expected to maintain the necessary level of expertise to perform their responsibilities as a director. The Company maintain an informal orientation and continuing education program.

8. Management Succession

Assuring that the Company has the appropriate successor to the current CEO in the event of his death or disability is one of the Board’s primary responsibilities. The Company does not anticipate that the CEO will retire other than due to disability. The CEO reports annually to the Board on executive management succession planning and makes available, on a continuing basis, his recommendation on succession matters

9. Annual Performance Evaluation and Public Disclosure

The People, Culture and Wellness Committee conducts an annual evaluation to determine whether the Board and its committees are functioning effectively and reports its conclusions to the Board. The Board annually conducts a self-evaluation of its performance. The Company makes available and posts its VISION, MISSION, VALUES and its various policies and guidelines including safety, board, employee manual and other documents on a regular basis on its website and in print as appropriate.


Our Vision

To entertain our guests with a magical journey of discovery through Canada in miniature, that will be amazing, exciting, and meaningful for all ages.

Our Mission

To evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada

Our Big 5 Values

We create to amaze l We’re naturally curious l We are a family l We’re better together l We’re serious about fun

Board of Directors

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer

President and Founder | LITTLE CANADA

Committee: People, Culture and Wellness

David MacLean

Director and Co-Founder | LITTLE CANADA

Committee: Financial, Audit & Risk

Committee: Chair Creation Care

Rachel Kimel


Co-Founder & Director | BOWERY PROJECT

Committee: People, Culture & Wellness

Jacqui Szeto


Director, Investment Programs | CANSO INVESTMENT COUNSEL Ltd.

Committee: Financial, Audit & Risk

Hugh Latif

Independent Board Chair | LITTLE CANADA

President | Hugh Latif + Associates Management Consultants

Committee: People, Culture & Wellness

Lisa Tompkins

Independent Director | LITTLE CANADA

Executive Director | Haliburton Highlands health Service Foundation

Committee: People, Culture & Wellness

Bill Tharp

Independent Director | LITTLE CANADA


Committee: Chair Financial, Audit & Risk

Committee: Creation Care