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A little feedback

Dayna N Avatar
Dayna N

This was a fantastic "little" exhibit that was better than we expected! A great place for all ages, expect very small children. All of the Staff were friendly and helpful. You won't belive how much work and detail has gone into this exhibit! It's definitely worth going to.

Tatiana Saldarriaga Avatar
Tatiana Saldarriaga

The best miniature village ever. Whoever made it great job! I highly recommend it. 🙂

Brent Anderson Avatar
Brent Anderson

Great family day trip. Friendly and helpful staff.

Clifford Budgell Avatar
Clifford Budgell

Loved Niagra Falls and Ottawa. The fireworks display on the parliament building was amazing. And since I was just at Niagra Falls and seen all the attractions, it was cool to see them all on display. Also the way it turns from day to night is cool!The only complaint is the cost of the models of yourself. I thought I was saving money for my partner and I to do the 360° camera together so we would only have to buy one model, but they still charge you for each person. One 5" figurine would have cost me 303+tax and then shipping. I couldn't bother with that price.

Ramy Saboungui Avatar
Ramy Saboungui

Absolutely spectacular work by the team that made this happen!Everything in this exhibit is very real with some in motion, including cars, ferries, and even inside of some the buildings. Try to spend about 10-15 minutes per location to observe scenes at night as well as the morning.I loved the tiny pockets of detail around most destinations. I got myself a Passport, I know I'll be back. This is a must visit with young children and don't forget to scan and place yourself inside!

Rimon Zaya Avatar
Rimon Zaya

Best place I had visited ever 👌🏻It has a lot of beautiful details that make you feel you are in that area, such as the sounds and the movement of cars! A different experience I really liked and I am looking forward to see the new areas they will add in the upcoming years.

Azfar Siddiqui Avatar
Azfar Siddiqui

A must visit

margaret bacchus Avatar
margaret bacchus

I couldn't believe my eyes . What an amazing experience this was for my entire family. Our age range was 10 years old to almost 60 years old and we all had an incredible time. This was 10 years in the making. I can't even put it into words. It's a must see for the whole family.

Megan Ward Avatar
Megan Ward

10/10. My mind hurts when I think about the amount of work that has gone into this incredible display. It was amazing. Everyone in the family loved it. Meeting the model-makers was very cool.

Mike Murphy Avatar
Mike Murphy

Very friendly and helpful staff. Amazing detail! Very impressed

James Bacchus Avatar
James Bacchus

Going to be on the got to do list for coming to Toronto!

Sharon Mayos Avatar
Sharon Mayos

Amazing. So much detail. Would definitely recommend!

U3670GOkatherinea Avatar
5 star rating

A great attraction for people of all ages I had been reading about Little Canada in the media for about a year and was really excited to visit this attraction for the first time this week. The experience didn't disappoint! In fact, it surpassed my expectations. Whether you are a child or a senior, the models representing Canada were amazing! The attention to detail of the exhibits and the friendly staff made it a great experience for my whole family. Whether you live in Toronto, Canada or come from far away, it is a wonderful experience. The location is great as it is very easy to get to by public transit. I am a teacher and I plan on telling my students in September that they should definitely explore this new attraction. As an educator, I also liked the historical information and the acknowledgement through out Little Canada of our Indigenous people.

Voy Stelmaszynski Avatar
Voy Stelmaszynski

What a delight! Toronto's finest new attraction! Get ready to be wowed!! Painstaking attention to detail. Impressive and whimsical! I promise to visit again!

Crystal Eve Avatar
Crystal Eve

Very cool experience. I've been waiting patiently for this place to open.It is a new attraction for Toronto and well worth the wait.The attention to detail is amazing. Very fun to experience a glimpse of our country after being unable to travel for so long due to the pandemic.Social distancing measures are in place and the facility is very clean.Would strongly recommend this spot for dates or family outings

Editor Avatar

Wow, just wow. I cannot say how much I loved this experience! All of the miniature cities are heavily detailed and all look identical to the actual cities. If you showed someone photos of one of the miniature cities without telling them they'd most likely think it's real. The staff were also very helpful and friendly, telling you about each attraction in every city. I got nothing but good things to say about this place so it's a 5/5 from me. If I could go higher I would and I'll definitely be returning once more of the attractions open up in the next few years.

Kris L Avatar
Kris L

World class. The thoughts, details and the level of sophistication that go into each display is mind blowing. It is definitely a must see. The staffs are also super friendly, ready to explain every detail. Our family went on a Friday afternoon and it was not busy. Lots of room for social distancing and plenty of hand sanitizing stations so we felt safe the whole time.

Krishan Rampersaud Avatar
Krishan Rampersaud

Just got back from Little Canada and I feel compelled to leave a review. This place is.. Amazing. I went with my wife and 2 kids (5and 2). Kids had a blast we spent 3 hours in there and im sure we didnt capture all the details of the place. The level of detail is insane, pictures cannot do this place justice you have to experience it. And the staff (Jamie and Nathan in particular) were amazing, They were super helpful, informative ans GREAT with the kids.Protip use your phone camera to zoom in on details you would miss with the naked eye.

Pathfinder591882 Avatar
5 star rating

Excellent new attraction in downtown Toronto! We visited Little Canada, as local Toronto/Niagara seniors, during the week. What an amazing new attraction in Toronto - for Torontonians - AND to show the world and travelers what Canada looks like! We recognized miniature versions of dozens of key places/buildings/events in Canada. Love the fireworks in the Ottawa area. Wonderful to go with a friend or a group! We noticed many places we have been to and found others we want to see!
I will tell all my friends about it - REALLY! And I will return again, as new parts of Canada are being added. Not a one-time visit.

OntarioTraveler9 Avatar
4 star rating

Worth a Visit with the Family It is full of very realistic details with moving cars and trains. Quite fun for an outing with the family, and the admission is not outrageous. I just wish that the day time lighting is longer than the night time to ease the photo taking. The place is also not totally completed. The regions opened are: Little Niagara, Little Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Little Ottawa, and Petit Quebec. I was told it will take many more years to total completion. Don't miss the Indigenous painting of the Thirteen Moon Calendar of the Anishinaabe in the Little Bites Cafe.

musk0kas Avatar
5 star rating

Fantastic Family Attraction in a Cool Location Every member of the family loved the experience. Lots of fun and true artistry. Whether you are 8 or 80, your family will enjoy this attraction. I'm a model railroader and have been aware of this project for many years. So glad to see it open and ready for the public to enjoy.

donmar55 Avatar
5 star rating

Wonderful new attraction in downtown Toronto Little Canada is a wonderful new attraction in downtown Toronto. It is a beautifully and meticulously recreated representation of major buildings, attractions and activities in major regions of Canada, complete with moving miniature trains, vehicles, people and other objects. Currently Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe, Niagara, Ottawa and Quebec City are represented with plans for other areas of Canada to come. Watch Niagara Falls switch from night to day, fireworks over Parliament Hill on Canada Day, or fans cheer on the Toronto Raptors at the Scotiabank Arena. Good for locals and visitors. Locals will love the accuracy displayed in the many familiar buildings while visitors will get a great idea of the many attractions and sights that Canada has to offer. Staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and very willing to explain displays in order to enhance your experience. You can easily spend 2 hrs enjoying this and still want to return. Timed ticketing and constant cleaning of railings limit crowds and make the experience feel safe.

Michael Wong Avatar
Michael Wong

Great experience! Who knew that miniature worlds could be so big! We weren't sure what to expect but the whole family enjoyed the visit. There's an incredible amount of detail in the 5 exhibits: Niagara Falls, Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe, Ottawa and Quebec. There are day and night cycles which highlight different aspects of each exhibit that cycle every 15 minutes and it really doesn't feel very long at all for the day/night cycles to change! The kids and I really enjoyed searching for Maurice the Moose!For visitors that are new to Canada and life long residents, the exhibit is both nostalgic and prompts you to put events and sites on your list of places to visit and things to do! Who knew that there was a Swan parade in Stratford (you can find it in the Golden Horseshow exhibit)! The attendants in each exhibit were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and gave us more things to look for.It's an amazing experience and the price of admission is well worth it to enjoy and appreciate the craftsmanship in creating all the details - a single tree takes 1 to 2 hours to build (it's fascinating talking to and examining the work that the craftspeople do to see how much effort is invested to create the intricate level of detail in each exhibit. The level of detail is much, much more than you think. We find a restaurant that we ate at in Old Quebec City in the exhibit!We're really excited to see Little Canada grow over the years with The Great North, the East and West Coast and Prairies in the plans.Minor suggestion: (and recognizing that we visited in the first month since opening): consider selling Maurice the Moose merch in the gift shop - the kids spent so much time searching through each exhibit looking for Maurice that they would have liked to get something to remind them of their fun search!

Krista Smith Avatar
Krista Smith

Had an absolutely fabulous time here! The attention to detail is really off the charts!!! The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable..would highly recommend

Hamza Siddiqui Avatar
Hamza Siddiqui

Attention to detail was brilliant.

Kwong Chan Avatar
Kwong Chan

Our family had a great experience. The floor plan and spacing was great for the kids to move around and enjoy, like in a playground. The displays were fantastic. One can just stand in one spot and simply watch all the moving parts and changes to the scenery, and find something to wonder about. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. We never felt rushed. The work area was open for viewing and the staff stopped their work to show and explain to the kids what they were working on. The littlization area/photo booth is worth trying and our 3-d pictures were emailed to us so we could think about the options. Thanks again to the staff.

Frederick Tombs Avatar
Frederick Tombs

Something new and cool to see in the city. Kids will love it but I just went with a friend and we had a blast.Great staff and great, animated models. Clearly very high attention to detail and excelent craftsmanship and storytelling

Maria Clasper Avatar
Maria Clasper

Visited Little Canada today. What an amazing experience! So much attention to detail, friendly knowledgeable staff, so passionate and helpful. It was so amazing to see this in person. Have heard about if for years being a dream and a passion but to actually see it was another story. Really something you must see in person. Pictures do not do it justice. A unique and fun experience for young and old. Going from daytime to nigh time visual was a special treat. If you get a chance to check this out it worth the time, will not disappoint. Amazing!!

Stefan Reichenbach Avatar
Stefan Reichenbach

Absolutely fabulous. A love letter to Canada. Filled with wonderful and quirky details of Canadian life.

georgekD2764CQ Avatar
5 star rating

UNBELIEVABLE FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE If you wish to marvel at how an idea came to life, you have to visit Little Canada. Miniature buildings, people, trains, vehicles, animals are nut a tiny part of what you will see. History is explained as well as the where and why...
Moving trains and people will definitely having you shout "how is it possible", "this is unbelievable" , and then some.. You can spend the better part of 90 minutes plus and will walk out in total AWE...I will go back I'm sure with other friends and relatives.
This exhibit is what I called when I entered...MIND BOGLING...Check it out on Google to get an idea of what is in store , when you hopefully plan a visit.

Peter Ely Avatar
Peter Ely

Little Canada is an absolute "must see" for both locals and tourists visiting the area. An extremely well organized and run exhibit with interesting parts for everyone from someone simply wanting to better appreciate Canada through to the most detailed modeller or curious viewer who takes the time to examine every scene. Adult through child. The exhibits are stunning on a grand scale from a distance yet for those inclined the artists have been given the freedom to create hundreds (thousands ?) of individual close up scenes with both serious and fun subthemes that you will only discover when you take your time to savour the details up close. Little Canada could take you 30 minutes to 4 or 5 hours to numerous separate visits, to experience depending on your interests and levels of curiosity.

Roving23173809586 Avatar
5 star rating

Little and beautiful A single visit is really not enough. The details are simply amazing and capture something of the spirit of Canada. An exhibition for all ages. Highly recommended.

Paradise56198848478 Avatar
5 star rating

Spectacular showcase of Canada right at your doorstep! I have watched Little Canada grow from its initial building warehouse in Mississauga to 10 Dundas St. The attraction is amazing! You could spend hours looking at the incredible detail that has been created in every destination.
When you are standing in Niagara Falls you feel like you are there in person! You must go see for yourself - it is spectacular! Whether you are going with a friend, a date night or the entire family - there is something for everyone!!

stevecY6952GR Avatar
5 star rating

Outstanding experience One of the most incredible places I’ve visited. A must-see!! Great value and truly amazing artwork! Really mind blowing -
If you have 2 hours and $30 and are near downtown Toronto you absolutely should check it out!!

221sherrib Avatar
5 star rating

A not so little hidden gem in the heart of the city Wow! This is a must-see for anyone in Toronto - visitors and residents alike! The amount of planning and work that must have gone into this exhibit is astronomical. Right from the start you are greeted by warm, friendly staff who welcome you on your journey. And then you are immersed in the beauty that is Little Canada. It is truly breathtaking. From summer to winter scenes, night to day, you are welcomed to many of the country’s famous landmarks and cityscapes. Some are animated, like Rogers Centre (check out what’s playing on the Jumbotron!), Scotiabank Arena, and Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Go Trains and Via trains travel across the cities. Everything is so lifelike, you’ll feel like you’re really there! There are informational signs around the exhibits, but the best are the staff who are in each area and have tons of delectable tidbits of information you might otherwise not know. Ask them anything. Also, there are many humorous aspects to the exhibits as well: caricatures, animals that are bigger than the humans. Keep an eye out for them! If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find out right away! And one of the coolest parts of Little Canada, you can have yourself miniaturized and places wherever you like in the exhibit! How cool is that?!?! You can literally visit once and stay forever. Little Canada is one attraction to put on your bucket list. It’s not to be missed!

EricaChau Avatar
5 star rating

AMAZING! What a wonderful addition to Toronto! We got timed tickets for Friday evening and was there for almost 2 hours discovering all the different cities and neighbourhoods. The amount of attention of detail is astounding. I love the cycles between night and day, the moving elements, and wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable staff that pointed out all the details and 'easter eggs' !

Felt very comfortable and it wasn't crowded and the was astonished to learn that over 200,000 hours of work was dedicated to bringing this to life and they are still expanding!

We got "littlized" - can't wait for it to come in the mail soon! Will definitely be back.

jacquelinem13 Avatar
5 star rating

Magical experience - not your typical miniature model display Magical experience and we absolutely loved it. Little Canada embodied creativity, artistry and innovation under 1 roof. Everything moves inside the world - cars, trains, trucks, gondola, skiers, hockey players, chickens......etc There is so much to see that I don't think you can see everything it in 1 visit.oh we got ourselves scanned to put inside the world. - so excited

reidmw144 Avatar
5 star rating

Great afternoon for the whole Family! Great afternoon activity with whole family! Two adults plus 5 kids, aged between 10 and 19; all were amazed and loved it! Unbelievable attention to detail in the models. Loved the switch between daytime and nighttime views. Make sure to stay for the night display in the Ottawa display - a moving moment for sure! If you have been to many places in Ontario and Quebec before, you will particularly enjoy this. Can’t wait until the western and maritime displays are finished (although it may take a few years wait…)!

jacquelinem13 Avatar
5 star rating

Magical experience. Not your typical miniature exhibition Loved it- absolutely magical !!!! I have never seen anything like this - it embodied creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.

MapleLeafPondHoppers Avatar
5 star rating

Absolute Gem!! Little Canada has just opened and it is an absolute gem! Beautifully crafted miniatures of Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa & Quebec highlights. The attention to detail is unbelievable, right down to people and room decor at the Chateau Laurier! One guide told me that the model of the centre block of the parliament buildings contains 40 thousand little bricks! There are little vehicles zipping everywhere, along with GO Trains and even hockey players skating! Just across Dundas from Yonge-Dundas Square, this is a must see!!