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Become a
Little Canadian

Live little and join our growing population by stepping into the Littlization Station to get scanned and 3D printed into your very own Little Me. We’ll make you an official Little Canadian by placing you into our world.

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3D Little Me FAQ

Q: What is the Littlization Station/What do you do here?

A: The Littlization Station is where we scan our guests. Guests stand in the centre of the booth and strike a pose as 128 camera capture an instantaneous photo of them. They then have the option to choose one of the poses to have 3D printed into their very own Little Me. Your Little Me can be printed in a variety of different sizes. Choose from either a 3/4″ Little Me,  5″ Little Me, 7″ Little Me and/or 9″ Little Me.

There is no cost to getting scanned, this is fun everyone can experience.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: There is no cost to getting scanned, this is fun everyone can experience. If you do decide to get your 3D Little Me printed, the prices are as follows.

  1. For a ¾” Little Me placed in Little Canada, the starting cost is $79 plus applicable taxes (the purchase of this option does not include a take home figurine. Your Tiny Little Me will be directly shipped to Little Canada. A photo of your Little Me in our world will be sent to you once it is placed).
  2. The 5″ Little Me is $149 (1:15th scale and made with the subject’s height factored in).
  3. The 7” Little Me is $239 (1:10th scale and made with the subject’s height factored in).
  4. The 9″ Little Me is $479 (1:08th scale and made with the subject’s height factored in).

*All purchases of a small, medium or large Little Me include the placement of a Tiny Little Me into Little Canada at no extra cost.

Q. Do I get my Little Me the same day I get scanned?

A: Unfortunately, no. The printing is done off-site and takes roughly 3-4 weeks to receive. It will be shipped to you in the mail!

Q. Where can I pick up my Little Me once it's ready?

A. If you’re a local resident, you can pick it up at guest services. We will need a valid id to release your Little Me.

Q. I don't live in Canada. Do you ship internationally?

A. We do! However, while domestic shipping is free, international shipping is anywhere from $50-$100 depending on where you reside.

Q. Since I don't live locally, how will I be able to see my Little Me in the world?

A. All guests receive an emailed photo of their Little Me in Little Canada once it is placed. Share with the world on your social media accounts! #livelittle #littlecanada #beapartofsomethingsmall

Q. Do I get to choose where I want my Little Me to live?

A. Yes, you can choose from a list of various locations in Little Canada that are available for placement.

Q. What if I want to be placed in one of the future destinations? Can I wait to be placed?

A. Yes! If your heart is set to be placed next to the ice caps of our Little North or the rolling fields of our Little Prairies, then we will keep your 3D scan on file and print it when the destination has been completed.

Q. Can I print multiple copies of my Little Me and place myself in more than one location?

A. Yes! You can print yourself twice and live in multiple locations. A cost will be applied to the additional Little Me’s printed.

Q. If I come back in person to see my Little Me, do I have to pay to re-enter?

A. While you will not receive free entry, all guests who hold a Little Canadian citizenship get 25% off all return visits! Just show the front desk your placement photo or even your receipt from purchase and they will apply it! If you purchase a membership, you can return and revisit your Little Me whenever you want.

Q. What if I receive the Little Me and it arrives broken or misprinted?

A. Please let us know. Any damage sustained in transit or printing errors not caught before being sent out are covered by Little Canada. A reprint order will be placed immediately.

Q. Do the Little Me’s break easily/what are they made of?

A. The material is called “Gypsum” it is similar to ceramic or sheet rock. Please show your Little Me lots of love and handle with care as they are fragile.

Q. What if it breaks beyond repair after I receive it? Can I order a replacement?

A. Yes! Your photos are available in the account you set up with us indefinitely so you can order a reprint (or even additional figurines in different sizes) at any point!

Q. Can you do more than one person in a photo?

A. Yes! You can have up to two people in a photo (but no more than two) However, the figurines will be fused together and are still priced as two people.

Q. Can I get my pet 3D printed?

A. As much as we love all our furry friends, there are no animals allowed on the premises on 10 Dundas East with the exception of service animals.

Q. What should I wear for the photo?

A. Whatever you want/feel most comfortable in! And because we love Canada so much, we encourage wearing your best Canadiana gear. We also recommend brighter colors or articles of clothing that have unique patterns or textures as they print well. Just like the big world, it tends to get a little cold in Little Canada, so we do not allow nudity. You must be clothed.

Q. Are you able to Photoshop the photos so it appears like we are wearing something different/make us look thinner?

A. Unfortunately, no. The photograph that is taken in the booth is how your figure will be printed. Very little Photoshop is used, if any.

Q. How accurate is the 3D print?

A. While the printer is incredibly good at catching details and the prints are very accurate, there’s always a chance that things won’t be a 100% exact match to what you’re expecting. The printer is taking the photo data we send it, and then translates it to 3D form to the best of its ability. So, there may be slight variations in colors or brightness/darkness. It may read a shadow on the face a certain way that makes it look slightly different, etc. We have many examples in our display case on site so you can get a good idea of what you’ll receive!

Q. Are the figurines painted?

A. Nope! The Little Me’s are printed with a state-of-the-art Colour 3D Printer. *CARE INSTRUCTIONS* If you do order a Little Me figure and receive it, make sure to keep them away from water as they are not made to get wet. Carefully using a source of heat, such as a hair dryer, will keep the figurine looking new.